Course curriculum

    1. Decimal places and significant figure

    2. Estimates of numbers, and quantities

    3. Past Exam Questions

    1. Lower and Upper bounds for data

    2. Lower bounds and Upper bounds to solutions

    3. Past Exam Questions

    1. Cosine Rule

    2. Sine Rule

    3. Sine and Cosine of obtuse angles

    4. Area of triangle

    5. Trigonometrical problems in 3-D

    6. Past Exam Questions

    1. Image

    2. Inverse and equations

    3. Past Exam Questions

    1. Perimeter and area of a rectangle and triangle

    2. Circumference and area of a circle

    3. Perimeter and area of a parallelogram and a trapezium

    4. The surface area and volume of a cuboid, cylinder, prism, sphere, pyramid and cone

    5. Arc length and sector area as fractions of the circumference and area of a circle

    6. The areas and volumes of compound shapes

    7. Nets

    8. Past Exam Questions

    1. Identify graphs with lines and curves

    2. Construct tables of values and draw graphs of functions

    3. Interpret graphs

    4. Estimate gradient of curves

    5. Real life situations

    6. Associated equations

    7. Past Exam Questions

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  • 64 lessons
  • Progress reports, Tracking, Control and Accountability