Course curriculum

    1. Unit 1 - Book keeping, accounting, transactions and documents

    2. Unit 2 - Sales and purchases and returns journals and discounts

    3. Unit 3 – Petty cash book under imprest system

    4. Unit 4 – Cash Book and General Journal

    5. Unit 5 - Three-Column Cash Book

    6. Unit 6 - Duality Concept-Double entries

    7. Unit 7 – Accounting Concepts

    8. Unit 8 – Capital and Revenue Expenditure

    9. Unit 9 – Bank Reconciliation Statement

    10. Unit 10 – Non-Current assets and Depreciation

    11. Unit 11 – Manufacturing Account

    12. Unit 12 – Control Accounts

    13. Unit 13 – Final Accounts – Sole Trader

    14. Unit 14 – Personal Accounts

    15. Unit 15 – Provision for bad debts

    16. Unit 16 – Nominal account

    17. Unit 17 - Clubs and Societies

    18. Unit 18 - Incomplete records

    19. Unit 19 – Ratios

    20. Unit 20 - Partnership

    21. Unit 21 - Limited liability company

    22. Unit 22 - Suspense

    23. Unit 23 - Inventory Valuation

About this course

  • 23 Units
  • 457 - Multiple Choice Question
  • 103 - Structured Questions


Some of my former students have shared their experience of working with me.

  • Vreeti Reetoo

    (MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge) Currently Quality Assurance Lead, African Leadership University. Vreeti was the 3rd Laureate Economics Side and recipient of the MCB Foundation Scholarship. She was ranked 7th in Accounting at HSC.

    “As a dedicated teacher and facilitator ,Mr Fokeer was attentive to what I needed as a student and provided explanations in a clear and simple manner. I am grateful for his contribution to my A-level studies.”

  • Keshinee Chinasamy

    (Bsc Business Economics and Investment analysis) Currently working as Auditor in one of the Big 4 firm of Accountants. Keshinee was ranked 11th on the Economics Side for the State of Mauritius Scholarship.

    “One of the rare teachers I have met , having a dynamic approach to teaching, Mr Fokeer has greatly contributed to my achievements at A-Level. He believes in all his students , motivates them whatever their levels and never hesitates to explain again and again where needed”

  • Hanaa Moideen

    (ACCA member, Bsc Accounting minor Finance) Currently working as Senior associate at PwC Chartered Accountants with a wide portfolio of clients both local and overseas. Hanaa was ranked 18th on the Economics Side for the State of Mauritius Scholarship. She was awarded Best performer for 3 consecutive years at the University of Mauritius. She was also Gold medalist being ranked 1st among Mauritian candidates and 5th worldwide in Advanced Performance Management for the ACCA examinations.

    “A professional with great teaching skills diligently conveying knowledge at the right pace, Mr Fokeer has been an excellent mentor to me positively challenging me to do more than I think I could. No doubt, his teachings and leadership have defined my career in Accounting.’’

  • Yaseen Dargaye

    (Bsc Applied Accounting, ACCA) Currently working as Audit Assistant Manager in Deloitte and Touche -Middle East in Abu Dhabi

    “Having studied the science stream up to HSC, I decided to pursue professional studies in Accounting. Mr Fokeer helped me master the basics of accounting within a very short span of time after which he tutored me throughout various modules of ACCA examinations which I succeeded under his guidance. He has been supportive throughout my journey as a student. His passionate approach to teaching of Accounting is certainly an asset to any student willing to attain his full potential”

  • Reynita Narryanen-Alankalee

    (ACCA Member) Currently working as Financial Controller.

    “With truly unique and innovative teaching techniques, Mr Fokeer was my accounting teacher at secondary level whose classes were among those I would look forward to. He is always willing to go extra miles to assist students in need. I am grateful to him for helping me pass my accounting exams with a distinction.”